The commission question

Forty three percent of For Sale By Owner (FSBO) sellers say that avoiding a commission/fee is their primary motivation for not hiring a real estate agent. 

But statistics show that last year, sellers earned 31 percent more for their homes when they hired a professional REALTOR® to handle the sale from start to finish.

The numbers don’t lie. Even after paying the commission, the average seller still comes out ahead when hiring an agent. 

How can working with an Edina Realty agent net you more money?

Set the right price

Together, we’ll set a listing price that takes into account your home’s quality and features, nearby sales data and current market trends. Our goal is to attract buyers while still getting you the price you deserve.


Get more eyes on your listing

Why rely on one lonely yard sign when you could have our network of nearly 2,500 agents working on your behalf? Plus, buyers love to search homes on our site. Edinarealty.com had more than 18 million visits last year – that’s more website traffic than our closest three competitors.

Leave the negotiating to us

When selling your biggest asset, you need an advocate who isn’t afraid to demand a fair market price. We take the business of buying and selling seriously, and we’ll negotiate ercely on your behalf.