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A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is created to estimate the value of your home – under current market conditions.

It’s a very time-sensitive report that looks at the attributes of your property, as well as other relevant properties in your area.

We provide an analysis of the active, pending and sold homes in your area, as well as detailed metrics in evaluating your home value and salability.  


Active Listings

The more properties available, the more competition you have for buyers.

Sold Listings

Compare the sale prices of homes with their list prices, and you’ll see the strength of the market.

Ultimately, a home’s value is determined by the highest agreed-upon price between a buyer and a seller.

Expired Listings

Homes that are priced higher than the market supports often result in few showings and no sale.

Apply CMA data to ensure your property is priced to actively attract buyers, not just sit on the market. 


We recommend a list if items to consider that will enhance the buyer experience and 1st impressions of your home, and we establish a range of value for pricing your home competitively, reasonably  and dependent upon your time line and current market conditions.


Getting you home ready for market

How we determine your property value

How quickly will my home sell?

Selling and Buying? Know Your Options

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