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  • Rent a storage unit to keep home uncluttered and organized.

  • De-clutter to help keep home ready for a showing at any moment.

  • De-personalize home by removing family photos, collections & trinkets.

  • Neutralize with paint to make home, some accent walls are okay.

  • Clean off countertops and tables.

  • Put away small kitchen appliances, toiletries & books on bedside tables.

  • Rearrange furniture to be more symmetrical.

  • Replace old or excessively bold linens in bedrooms.

  • Maximize unused rooms by staging them as an office, extra bedroom, etc

  • Keep every room of the house (and the garage) clean.

  • Vacuum, dust and wipe down surfaces, including blinds, walls & windows.

  • Open windows to air out the home, or use odor-absorbing products

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