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Factors We Can Control

  • Listing price is the single most important factor in the sale of your property. The best way to ensure the timely sale of your property is to price it competitively from the beginning.

  • The better the condition of your property, the more it will stand apart from the competition. Properties in superior condition tend to sell faster and bring higher prices.

  • By exposing your property to the broadest possible audience through a coordinated marketing plan, you’ll have a better chance of attracting a qualified buyer.

  • Your flexibility in negotiating the terms of your agreement (closing date, appliances, etc.) can also enhance your ability to sell your property.

Factors We Cannot Control

  • If there are a large number of comparable properties for sale, there is more competition for buyers. In a supply and demand market like real estate, a large inventory of similar properties makes our job more challenging.

  • Location is another key factor in the sale of your property.

  • The economy will affect the sale of your property, particularly through interest rates, unemployment rates and consumer confidence. 

Getting you home ready for market

How we determine your property value

How quickly will my home sell?

Selling and Buying? Know Your Options

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